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Theme: Sports sensing for pedestrians and cyclists

The objective of the MOB 4.0 Hackathon is to promote a space for creativity and development of data collection solutions related to urban mobility demands in cities in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Within the proposed challenge there are three mandatory factors:

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The approach of technology solutions aimed at developing devices for measuring and collecting data.

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The proximity to active mobility themes, considering trips made by bicycle and/or on foot.


The presentation of solutions focused on data, management and governance.


Understand the schedule of our Hackaton:

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We had an inspiring speech from COPPE's innovation director, as well as the winners of the 1st Hackathon, who told us a little about the experience they had in this competition and during the project development phase.

Workshop em andamento


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With the support of Lab Mob, we offer mentoring on the Arduino system. Furthermore, we have the participation of mentors, José Brandão, Felipe Carvalho and André Sato, the latter coordinating two mentoring sessions on active mobility.

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We offer participants an experience of modeling and using the 3D printer that the Mob Laboratory has, allowing them to learn a little more about this technology and its possible application for the proposed topic.


Discover the proposals of the 3 finalist groups that will count on Mob's support for the development of their projects:

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1st place: Urbex Project*

Adrian Moreno

Pablo Ccori

Andres de la Puente

Visual tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify objects in street images, seeking safer routes and a unique visual exploration of the city.

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2nd place: PE.DAO Project

Eduardo Zanella Americano

Helena Rocha de Freitas

Bruno Ricciardi Aldgeire

Lucas Teles Alckmin Cezana

Gamified platform that connects cyclists to safe routes, has detailed information about urban infrastructure and creates an engaged community.

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3rd place: MobAI Project

Rosemeiry Leite

Renata Gurgel Dimas

Rodrigo Nunes Cavalcante

Thaís Leonardo Alves da Silva

App aimed at cyclists that integrates with smart urban infrastructure and uses gamification for popular engagement and increased safety on routes.


*The winning project will receive support from the Mob team and the prize amount will be used exclusively for the development of prototypes and hiring third-party services as needed.

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Discover the Urbex project, with Adrian Moreno, Pablo CCori and Victor Ancco.
Discover its innovation and plans to transform cities!

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Find out who judged the projects


Any doubts?

Be sure to check the regulations and frequently asked questions. Understand what the main objectives are, the registration and participation processes, the proposed challenge and everything about the awards and judging of the projects.

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