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3rd Hackatona Mob

An event in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, aimed at programmers and enthusiasts on the theme of "Tools, processes and products that facilitate data collection in urban mobility".

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1st Mob 4.0 Summer School

An immersive 2-week moment that sought to involve theory and practical applications in the field of urban mobility, data collection and much more!

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Collaborative Mapping with Openstreetmap

Event promoted in partnership with the UMBRAOSM team and which provided an overview on how to use the platform and its features.

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2nd Hackatona Mob

Hybrid event aimed at programmers with the purpose of capturing data and solutions for sensing pedestrians and cyclists.​

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3rd Training Cycle​

7 experts address, in 3 days of event, the theme of “Artificial Intelligence and the challenges in mobility management”.

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2nd Trilha Mob

Deepening discussions between public managers and researchers on the subject of the digital revolution in urban mobility.​

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Preparatory Classes​

They sought to facilitate access to information for those interested in enrolling in master's and doctoral programs in the area of ​​transport and urban planning.​

Ícone 1º Trilha Mob - 1080x1080.png


1st Trilha Mob

Exchange with public managers about digital transformation and the challenges and possible solutions for urban mobility planning.

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Data Mob

Collaborative space to learn and discuss tools for smarter mobility and transport planning.


Ícone 1º Ciclo de Capacitação - 1080x1080.png

1st Training Cycle​

5 specialists address, in 4 days of event, the theme of “Exchanges on intelligent urban mobility planning”.


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1st Hackatona Mob

Aimed at programmers with the purpose of capturing data and solutions for the mobility of Rio de Janeiro municipalities.​


Ícone 2º Ciclo de Capacitação - 1080x1080.png

2nd Training Cycle​

8 guests discuss issues related to “Mobility and the right to the city: the challenges in building inclusive, sustainable and smart cities”.

Extension Course

Ícone Curso de Extensão - 1080x1080.png

Public Policy & Technology

It aims to address current and future opportunities and challenges in the proposed theme, and relate them to new trends, forms of implementation, data collection and other related topics.​

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