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Theme: "Tools, processes and products that facilitate data collection in urban mobility".

The objective of this edition was to continue promoting a space for creativity and development of data collection solutions related to the demands of urban mobility, but now for a specific location, the city of

Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ.

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The 3rd Mob 4.0 Hackathon this year had a partnership with IMTT (Municipal Institute of Traffic and Transport of Campos dos Goytacazes) and toke place between the 13th and 14th of April, from 9am to 5pm, at Santa Paciência Casa Criativa, Rua Barão de Miracema, nº 81 - Centro, and had the following schedule:

Image by Kenny Eliason


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As reference material, in addition to the content available on our website from previous Hackathons, the main points covered in a listening event were offered before the competition with 3 groups of actors in the city: civil society, academia and public authorities.

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We had a speech from Ana Maciel, a member of the public authorities, who brought a little about the experience, challenges and day-to-day needs at IMTT. Furthermore, José Brandão, one of Mob 4.0's collaborators, brought some methods, tools and possible solutions to the topic.

Workshop em andamento


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With the support of Lab Mob, we offered mentoring on Arduino. In addition, we counted with the participation of IMTT members, who brought their experiences on practical application to inspire possible products for each group.

The challenge we proposed in this competition included 3 mandatory factors:

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Interested parties must reside in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes or region.

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Registration could be done individually or in closed groups of 3 to 5 people.


The proposed solutions must be focused on the themes of data, management and governance of urban mobility in Campos.



The winning group received the amount of R$15,000.00* and will have the support of Mob for the development of their projects!

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1st place

Amily Bernardo

Débora Caldeira

Danielle Costa

Luciana Almenara

Smart device to monitor the flow of passengers in public transport.

Relato vencedores 1ª edição_Pessoa Vencedor_PNG_mod.png

2nd place

João Vitor Azevedo

Monique dos Santos

Thais Di Gianni

Circula Campos - App for creating reports of high passenger flow in areas with an imbalance in transport supply.


*Remember that the value of the prize will be used exclusively for the development of prototypes and for hiring third-party services as needed (to find out more, see the Regulations)


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Find out who helped with the projects


Find out who judged the projects


Conheça quem irá auxiliar os projetos

Matheus Oliveira


Professor at COPPE/UFRJ, responsible for the initiatives of the Hub of Technological Innovation in Transport, Ubuntu_labe and Rede Mob.


Ana Maciel


MBA in Finance (IBMEC-SP), Master in Production Engineering (UENF) and PhD student in Transport Engineering (COPPE/ UFRJ). Special Programs Advisor at the Municipal Institute of Traffic and Transport of Campos dos Goytacazes.

Henrique da Hora.jpg

Henrique da Hora

Prof. IFF-Campos

It operates with an interdisciplinary approach between Operational Research, Statistics and Probability and Data Science (Data Analytics) in solving complex problems, and returns investment in research to society through entrepreneurship. Master (UENF 2007) and Doctor (UFF 2013) in Production Engineering, he is a professor at IFF and works in the Professional Master's Degree in Systems Applied to Engineering and Management, and in the ProfNIT network. Leads the only technology-based Business Incubator in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro (TEC Incubadora), having conducted the CERNE II certification, the ANPROTEC South Africa Cross incubation program, the federal network cross incubation program, accreditation as a hub of the StartupRio Program, between others.


About our

MOB 4.0 - Cidade Piloto A4_Prancheta 1 cópia 4.png

Mob 4.0's partnership with the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes has existed since the beginning of the project, seeking to create and maintain a platform to research software, applications and mobility algorithms.

Since then, several activities have been carried out in the city that can serve as consultation and reference for the groups' proposals:

Any doubts?

Be sure to check the regulations and frequently asked questions. Understand what the main objectives are, the registration and participation processes, the proposed challenge and everything about the awards and judging of the projects.

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