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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Rede Mob and Mob 4.0?

Rede Mob emerges in the context of the 1st Mob.Inc Journey, a webinar that took place in July 2020 aimed at dealing with topics related to "Mobilities and paths to social inclusion". In order to keep the discussions and contacts formed in this event active, the proposal arises to keep a group of enthusiasts and researchers in the area active. With that in mind and seeking to raise even more innovative and significant flights for cities and their inhabitants, Rede Mob submitted a project for the public notice of FAPERJ - Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Thus, Mob 4.0 is born, a collaborative space for the creation of a data platform for the intelligent planning of urban mobility in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Even though I'm not a student or professional in the area, or even living in the state of Rio de Janeiro, can I be part of the Mob 4.0 project?

Yes! The project is open to all interested parties, whether professionals or enthusiasts in the field of urban mobility and smart cities. In addition, as we mostly work remotely, you can participate in our meetings, events and other dynamics from any corner of the world!


What is the purpose and target audience of the project?

The Mob 4.0 project aims to create a data platform for intelligent urban mobility planning in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Its target audience is especially public managers in the state of Rio de Janeiro, but it also aims to reach groups of academics, professionals in the area, NGOs and companies that work on the subject and enthusiasts willing to contribute on the various fronts that the project has.


Qual o tempo de dedicação para o trabalho? Ele é voluntário ou existe possibilidade de bolsa remunerada?

Initially, participation in the Network in the Mob 4.0 project is voluntary, but we have the possibility of hiring some fellows who are more willing to dedicate themselves to the activities we develop.


What are the GTs?

These are the Mob 4.0 Working Groups, which comprise 6 interdependent fronts (Communication, Events, Training, Platform, Data and Data Policy and Regulation) that unite researchers and enthusiasts in the area and carry out projects in different fronts and formats. In short, they seek to help cities and managers plan mobility with the help of open data, create and disseminate information to empower people, organize events, lectures, workshops and much more; and connect a network of specialized professionals.


How do I sign up?

Just access our registration form in the “Join” tab and we will contact you.


Is the project ongoing or is there a deadline for completion?

The Mob 4.0 project has a 3-year contract with the financing agency (FAPERJ), finishing its works in the year 2024. However, Rede Mob is a group of continuous action, where we are always looking for new ways to make our cities even more extraordinary, that is, you are always welcome!

Do you still have any questions?

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